You’d probably not need any introduction when NetSuite is mentioned. Not when it is the only package that has consistently remained a top Cloud Business Software Suite for over two decades. Indeed, the world should have known NetSuite beyond the level of writing just an introduction article about them, but hey… We’ll not take anything for granted, so we will just jump right into telling a bit of everything about it, for the small minority that has not heard about the company or what it does. Established in 1998, when a lot of us didn’t even know anything about the cloud, NetSuite had proven that they can work and grow consistently into a world force, also going as far as being named by Forbes magazine in 2014 as one of the most innovative growth companies in the world. If you know this company beyond its name, then you’d see that it has put so much effort into becoming what it is known for today: A leading technology company. One look at its number of employees and you’d be left without a single doubt that it is indeed a fast-growing company.

Okay, all we’ve talked about so far are necessary information that anybody can get on Wikipedia or in fact any other place, but what really is the company about and how do their solutions affect real-world situations?

The Solutions

Most mid-market companies do not just want to rely on traditional ERP. Instead, most of them would prefer a business management solution that is both efficient and greatly scalable when looking to grow complex ideas into their businesses. Well, NetSuite has proven its worth over time as the number one cloud business software suite, open to offering a comprehensive one-fit-all solution that encompasses ERP, E-commerce, CRM and PSA. Now that’s something big to talk about, right?

NetSuite has developed quite many efficient models that will take your business a step beyond the use of common traditional accounting software, by helping to streamline ongoing operations around the entire organization into a more organized and easily trackable channel. It has also developed models that will help to provide real-time visibility, needed for decisions to be faster and more accurate.

The high level of experience that NetSuite has in assisting most mid-market organizations as they make efforts to move their legacy ERP systems to the cloud from the default on-premises is one among the many reasons why clients are choosing them as their preferred partner team.

Over time, the team at NetSuite has learned to develop unique and proven solutions that are applicable by manufacturers and healthcare organizations. It is not just about the answers that they promise, but about being able to tailor the solutions in a manner that they are highly beneficial to the companies that they are meant for. Talking about being beneficial, NetSuite boasts of many attractive benefits that we know and are already seeing.