4 On-Premise ERP Problems That Cloud ERP Addresses

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1.  Hefty upfront costs. One of the biggest differences between on-premise ERP and NetSuite cloud ERP is the cost factor. On-premise ERP is a one-time, yet significant, payment – which makes it a capital expenditure. On the flipside, the great thing about NetSuite is its monthly payment nature – which is a manageable operating expenditure. The former requires plonking down a huge amount, while the latter gives you breathing room thanks to the monthly subscription. On the matter of cost, there is also the need to set a company budget for hardware costs and IT personnel. Physical systems can have [...]

7 Signs That You Need to Get Cloud ERP

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Choosing to invest in a cloud ERP system for your business becomes a sound decision when you know why you need to get into it. Here are seven signs that give you a much-needed nudge in that direction! Your business has new – and bigger – demands. When your business levels up, expect that the demands on it go up as well. With expansion comes the challenge of seamlessly managing the different tasks across various departments. Most of the time, this happens instantaneously! For this reason, a NetSuite cloud ERP adoption will come in handy because it makes you more [...]

6 Training Tips for Getting Your Team Onboard Cloud ERP

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Finally making the big switch to cloud-based ERP? Before things get extremely convenient, there will be some adjustments on your team’s end until you get to a point where things run super smoothly. The trick is to make the transition as easily as possible, and these training tips will do a lot to help. Training Tip 1: Be clear about any new goals upon implementation of NetSuite cloud ERP. A new system means new processes and ways of doing things. This often translates into a change in targets and goals, especially if the new system will drastically improve business operations. [...]

5 Benefits of Using Cloud ERP

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The last few years has seen an unprecedented growth in the cloud enterprise resource planning (or Cloud ERP) sector. By the year 2022, this sector is projected to be worth $28.8 billion. What does this exponential growth from the Cloud ERP sector mean? All sorts of good things for those who invest in it! The efficient online or wireless access to data is a highly enthralling prospect. However, there’s certainly oHowever;’s ‘ more to ERP systems such as NetSuite than you could probably imagine. Here are some of the most salient benefits to becoming an adopter! How You Can Benefit [...]

6 Compelling Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Switch to Cloud ERP

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Running a small business often means being very careful about making financial decisions. Since the budget isn’t as sizeable compared to its bigger counterparts, it’s essential to make sure that every financial move matters. That is very evident when deciding on which technologies to invest in – such as whether or not to consider getting NetSuite Cloud ERP. NetSuite Cloud ERP is a system that takes many business management protocols and places them in the cloud. This new technology is a shift from having a physical database. If you need help in this particular decision, read ahead to see if [...]

The Cloud Solution Dedicated to Growing Midmarket Organizations

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You'd probably not need any introduction when NetSuite is mentioned. Not when it is the only package that has consistently remained a top Cloud Business Software Suite for over two decades. Indeed, the world should have known NetSuite beyond the level of writing just an introduction article about them, but hey... We'll not take anything for granted, so we will just jump right into telling a bit of everything about it, for the small minority that has not heard about the company or what it does. Established in 1998, when a lot of us didn't even know anything about the [...]