Top 5 Characteristics of a Great CRM System

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One of the determining factors of a company’s success is how good its relationship is with its customers. As the lifeblood of any business, it is essential to maintain the trust and patronage of clients in order to stay alive and thriving. Having said that, it is then important for any business (even SMEs) to invest in a solid CRM system. It’s the most efficient way to be completely in control of your customer service protocols and plays a big role in the revenues you make year after year. Here are five characteristics that you need to watch out for [...]

3 Types Of ERP Systems

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Enterprise Resource Planning or an ERP integrates data and core business processes in a company. A standard ERP software usually contains various modules that are specified for each department, like human resources, supply chain processes, accounting, inventory, and customer relationship. Underneath the surface, there are various ways to categorize ERP software. Types Of ERP Based On Size Of The Enterprise Tier 1 Solutions ERP systems categorized as Tier 1 solutions are mainly built for large companies, like multinational ones. These companies have a huge number of users while they process a huge number of transactions at the same time – [...]