Nowadays customers are ought to become your ambassadors. They interact one with another over social medias and spread word of mouth, whether it is good or bad. A unified solution that caters for their personalised, excellent experience may become make or break when running your business.

Deliver complete customer experience for both B2C and B2B through an commerce platform by seamless integration with POS, order management, CRM, inventory, financials and marketing. Your customer will get the same, personalised experience no matter which device or place is he or she shopping from.

Key features:

  • Create single platform by tying your ecommerce to backoffice
  • Provide personalised experience to your customers across all channels
  • Be creative and able to translate that creativity into beautifully designed website and branding
  • Sell across borders and in multiple languages through one commerce platform to any type of customers: single or large, B2C or B2B

An average smartphone user spends 3.5 hours a day looking at his/her device. That impacted customers behaviours to an extent whereby purchase models have been completely disrupted, and mobile devices with social media became one of the selling channels.

SuiteCommerce is a solution that combines real and digital worlds to create single experience for the customer and smooth integration between inventory and customer information.

Key features:

  • Unified platform for online, in store, kiosk and other types of commerce
  • Personalised customer experience
  • Additional insight to sales representatives to help them in top notch customer engagement

Email is a powerful tool that – if used properly – can become an integral part of your marketing strategy. NetSuite’s Bronto Marketing platform uses data from commerce platform to create personalised post-purchase campaigns. It allows you to manage post-purchase campaigns, abandoned carts campaigns, cross- and up- sells, loyalty and many more. Data driven marketing is much more powerful tool than simple mailing and fuels the customer engagement.

Key features:

  • Highly automated customer campaigns based on customer actions boost revenue
  • Targeted emailing and omnichannel marketing
  • Ability to build a segmented database for data-driven marketing
  • Interaction with customers through all types of channels

Todays world require more than just a good product. You should differentiate yourself by an overall service that you are providing and order fulfilment is an integral part of it, that turns a customer into your brand ambassador. You can go that extra mile by at the same time increasing profitability and productivity through integration with other modules of the overall solution.

Key features:

  • Enable customers to shop through any type of sales channel to increase their satisfaction and your profitability with the same, seamless experience across
  • Boost your revenues and customer lifetime value through flexible order fulfilment options and auto-ship programs
  • Improve profitability by managing inventory and orders with global insight and automated order management process
  • Orchestrate interactions with customers across channels and collect 360 degree data about them to cross- and up-sell
  • Give your employees tools to engage customers at all times, provide them with relevant information
  • Minimise costs to implement and integrate all blocks with a single, Cloud-based platform

Rather than collecting information from various data sources or content management systems NetSuite provides one solution that will allow you to manage structured and unstructured product data across all the sales channels. Become more agile in your communication by utilising a single source of truth.

Key features:

  • Single source of data to deliver consistent message across sales channels
  • Centrally managed data to allow agile communication strategy
  • Roll out products to the international markets with multi-currency pricing, promotion eligibility, languages and across borders
  • Enable your partners, dealers, affiliates, resellers by supporting their portals and applications with a single system protected by secure role-based access control