OneWorld supports multiple areas of the multinational businesses ranging from accounting and compliance aspect, to sales, resources planning and analytics that provide an insight into any level of the company within any geography.

Efficient management of the multinational organisation simply cannot happen while juggling Excel spreadsheets. In order to efficiently manage business processes, optimise your employees productivity and get detailed insight into your bottom line you will need a solution that allows you to consolidate your views across the units and automate your daily tasks. NetSuite OneWorld allows you to achieve all of these and more.

Key features:

  • Indirect Tax Compliance that offers automation and transparency in reporting
  • Compliance to finance and accounting regulations used in more than 110 countries
  • Tax codes preconfigured for ~50 countries and a configurable indirect tax engine
  • Support of more than 190 currencies and various payment options
  • Always-on audit trail with built-in analytics and enhanced compliance support

Data serves as an insight to all levels of management, however, at the same time it is not easy task to harness it. Imagine all the systems, varying from customer facing channels to back office. All of them integrated in a spaghetti manner and prone to errors and duplications.

Correct decisions rely on quality of available data. Unique architecture of NetSuite that is integrated across all the channels and available in the Cloud provides your business with that demanded capability of real-time dashboards depicting state of your business in order to understand trends as well as ability to drill down into transactions.

Key features:

  • Insight into performance across all the business function, at all levels of details
  • One and only version of truth with 360 degree view over your business and customers
  • Available from anywhere, at any time in a real-time through mobile devices and all types of web browsers
  • Easy to use, self-service reporting tools with no requirement of programming knowledge

End-to-end Services Resource Planning cuts across set of integrated solutions such as Customer Relationship Management, Professional Services Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning. It allows your business to monitor projects to speed up bid-to-bill lifecycle and improve cashflows as well as eliminate any possibility of revenue leakage.

Key features:

  • Projects Management to collaborate across teams and resolve potential issues
  • Resources Management to take care of project staffing and optimise usage of team members
  • Project Accounting to connect field financials with bigger picture
  • Timesheet Management to quickly and easily submit time usage from any where
  • Billing that allows to manage various types of payments, from one time off to recurring payments possibly dependant on achievement of the milestones
  • Analytics to monitor and report on project performance
  • Customer Management to understand customer’s profile from the moment of lead creation until billing and support
  • Expense Management that allows monitoring and tracking for cost consciousness and compliance purposes

Today businesses face growing regulatory requirements and potential risks of financial penalties if the latter ones are not met. More often than ever system-based tax audits are performed. When driving an international business you require a solution that will look at your organisation holistically giving you an assurance of 100% compliance and transparency. NetSuite OneWorld is equipped in tax and compliance management capabilities that respond to requirements from more than 110 countries globally, giving you peace of mind and ability to focus on your core business.

Key features:

  • Indirect tax compliance automation and management
  • Compliance with financial and accounting regulations across the borders
  • Tax engine that allows to tailor rules basing on your unique demands
  • Multi currency management
  • Audit and compliance reporting
  • Electronic payments processing across the borders
  • Multilingual user interfaces

NetSuite is backing up tens of thousands of businesses since its’ visionary inception in 1998. As one of few it integrates with backend processes, providing its’ users with holistic process of managing orders from moment of lead creation until billing and goes beyond that taking care of production, inventory and else.

Key features:

  • B2C Commerce allows to create personalised experience through various channels
  • B2B Commerce takes care of the enterprise customers yet providing similar personalised experience tailored to your business partner
  • Order Management integrates to all the channels and geographies providing seamless experience

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