Customer is always right – that mantra is known to everyone. You need to make sure that you understand your customer in order provide him with an accurate service. It has to happen quickly and in a manner that will be convenient for your customer, to increase chances of up-sell, cross-sell and recurrence of the service.

Boost sales performance with integrated processes for management of the opportunity from its’ inception to closure, and beyond. NetSuite’s Sales Force Automation distinguishes itself by providing your sales full view of the customer – it’s support cases, contracts history etc. That increases not only chances of closure, overall productivity but also relationship with the customer and its’ satisfaction with your services.

Key features:

  • Opportunity Management that links sales process with the customer’s buying process
  • Sales Forecasting that cross-checks sales forecast against checks and balances to increase the accuracy
  • Quote and Order Management streamlined across systems
  • Incentive Compensation Management that provides accurate calculations to allow sales representatives focus on selling

NetSuite’s customer service management solution helps to drive incremental revenue by providing truly 360 degree view of customers, increasing their satisfaction and lowering service costs. Your customer facing units have access to all relevant data in a real time allowing them to open new opportunities.

Key features:

  • Case Management supported across various channels including web, mobile, phone etc.
  • Customer Portal provides your customers with personalised service boosting their satisfaction
  • Knowledge Management solution allows both your sales force and customer to track content that they need effortlessly
  • Time Tracking gives your service reps opportunity to asses how much time was spent with an individual customer

Automate entire marketing process by efficient management of multi-channel marketing campaigns, aligned to your customers’ needs and programs run by the sales teams. Qualify hot leads and measure success of the marketing campaigns, increasing conversion ratios.

Key features:

  • Lead Reporting and Analytics to measure ROI in a real time
  • Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to design easy to find pages and engage with customers fast
  • Campaign and Email Management to run mass marketing campaigns efficiently
  • Landing Pages and Forms that allow easy creation and roll-out of new campaigns and creation of templates

Boost collaboration with your partners and enhance control over partner focused processes such as marketing campaigns, pipeline management, forecasting, orders processing or royalties. Execute strategies successfully with mix of partner management and project management solutions.

Key features:

  • Allow your partners to register new opportunities and measure acquisition costs
  • Your partners can register new opportunities giving you full transparency without keeping your staff occupied
  • Monitor efficiency of your partners’ efforts when running marketing campaigns
  • Give access to content that is relevant and important to close new deals

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