Industry specialists, professionals and informed customers give their opinions on the best business software suite. Their words provide a glowing assessment of NetSuite’s services. Keep in mind that tons of quotes are available. But for the purpose of this article, 20 insightful quotes will suffice…

  1. “We would not have been nearly as successful without NetSuite Professional Services . It felt like they were our partner, and we have really a good relationship.” – Jeani Vance, CIO, Prophet Brand Strategy
  2. “We’ve had exponential growth without having to increase headcount, and we’ve been able to handle that with a system like NetSuite.” – The Second City
  3. “The SuiteSuccess team specialized in wholesale distribution, so it was very straightforward to set up our processes based on proven best practices.” – John Ma, Controller, Panospace USA
  4. “One of the things I noticed from NetSuite in the beginning was how they cared about us as a company. If it was just about giving us an off-the-rack, out-of-the-box solution, it wouldn’t work. NetSuite’s commitment to us in learning the details about how we are doing business and how we want to be doing business tomorrow—it’s amazing.” – Colin Hunter, CEO/Co-Founder, Alton Lane
  5. “There is no substitute for hands-on experience. NetSuite is a great software service. Utilizing it for sharing with the higher education community provides a great opportunity for effective teaching and student learning,” – Professor Robert Sorensen, Purdue University. Indiana.
  6. “The executives are able to understand the complete business picture quickly and easily through NetSuite.” – Gary Hornbeek, VP, Finance. Quicken Inc.
  7. “NetSuite is designed for life, just like my Sactionals. They’re both built to last and infinitely adaptable.” – Shawn Nelson, CEO and Founder, Lovesac.
  8. “Amazing things happen when companies move from fragmented silos of customer information to one system that provides a single view of all customer interaction. The One System architecture of NetSuite 10.0 enables it to go beyond a 360-degree view of the customer to actually anticipate customers’ needs and desires,” – Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite.
  9. “Outstanding platform that delivers on its promise of being the “Single source of truth” for your business” – Sonny Spencer, ACA
  10. “What’s Not to Like About NetSuite?” – Chris Snelling, CFA Investments and Treasury Manager TASC
  11. “Great tool for incorporating entire company’s data and financials” – Xenia Le Dinh, PMP Program Manager. VIDERI Inc.
  12. “NetSuite – Expensive but worth it. Configure but use Caution with Customizations.” – Anna Miller, Network Administrator. Central States Bus Sales, Inc.
  13. w: “NetSuite is so Sweet!” – Dale Eberle Director of Finance. Starfire Direct, Inc.
  14. “NetSuite is a modern ERP that will help you grow” – Alex Placito, NetSuite Administrator.
  15. “Exceptional, highly-extensible product.” – Rob Gottschalk, Corporate Controller, Director of Sales Solar Winds.
  16. “NetSuite is a powerful CRM that can be used by every role in your organization” – Billy Barker. Creative Director, GPS Insight.
  17. “With a single instance of NetSuite, we’re running 30 schools as if they were business subsidiaries.” – EdTec Inc.
  18. “We’ve been extremely pleased with how NetSuite has been able to be customized to fit the specific CRM needs of our industry,” – Mark Wiles, Director of the College Foundation of North Carolina Resource Center—UNC Office of the President.
  19. “Additionally, our students get to experience NetSuite’s leading technology and gain relevant training and skills that increase their value in the job market after graduation.” – Alex Santos, Department Director, UST Institute of Information and Computing Sciences.
  20. “Our customer experience, either online or in-store, is very seamless with NetSuite,” – Arlyn Schaufler, GM, Duck Store’s.

If these words don’t indicate validation, I don’t know what will.