It is true that technology is continuously improving and more ideas and reformations are incorporated consistently, especially in the business sector. It is normal for most businesses to have decision-making problems, or be confused about how to handle company matters. A good company takes proper planning and set-up, and without the right set of tools, there is likely to be data loss and inefficiencies in the company.

NetSuite is a business system in the cloud that allows organizations to run their business right from their accounting, procurement, and all their back office system, right through to things like sales and customer relationship management (CRM), websites, e-commerce sites. They are useful and can run the whole company from the point when a customer touches the organization through a website or a mobile application, right to the journey of ordering the product, managing the product, delivery and invoicing, and accounting for it. The whole business process is executed with a single system.

You may have probably heard about cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and you may have come across NetSuite cloud, and if you’re considering it as your business management software, there are things you may not have known about NetSuite.

  • It is the largest ERP vendor and number one cloud, and you can use any device to access it at any time.
  • Over 40,000 organizations worldwide use NetSuite, and the ERP system was first established in 1998, which is the same year Google was founded.
  • NetSuite has a 99.5% uptime guarantee over the years. It has met 99.98% incessantly.
  • NetSuite engages a company level security scheme by using advanced encryption security schemes to ensure your data is kept safe.
  • The data points are sustained 24/7 with CCTV and guards, and the information is located in several places in the world with all data backed up off-site.
  • NetSuite provides you with real-time data on your desktop, laptop or mobile devices to ensure that you make effective business decisions anytime you need to.
  • NetSuite manages all your central business functions, from your accounting to finances, sales and marketing, and inefficiencies.
  • NetSuite CRM enhances customer service experience with the companies.
  • NetSuite also offers e-commerce service, so you never miss a deal and an open API to broaden probability and consolidation.
  • NetSuite offers real-time reporting, business intelligence, and possibilities.
  • NetSuite brings everything together and is used for companies of all sizes, ranging from a small company, medium-sized company to a large company. You can upgrade your license once your business grows from a small company to a larger one.
  • NetSuite is very easy to use for anyone without extensive training.
  • NetSuite is built on a single data source where you can analyze your business without having to develop plugins.


You can get a 360-degree view of your performances across your business with NetSuite instead of using clunky and tacky applications, transform the state of your business with NetSuite. Next-Gen Cloud-based business delivers all the information you need so you know what is going on and what can be improved. It is a compelling platform for business growth.