Cloud computing technology has revolutionized the way we handle data and how data is stored, and though it is catching up fast now because more individuals and businesses are using it to store their data, it has been around a little while longer than its popularity. NetSuite is cloud computing company that was founded in 1998 and designed software that is built not just to manage a business’ data but also helps with financial management, CRM (Customer Relation Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and basically other aspects of business administration.

The functionality and flexibility of the NetSuite platform make the above-stated subject matter a curious one, this is especially true if your business has been using NetSuite and you come across this article. But let’s look at what NetSuite actually offers and see if there are particular reasons to hate it.

What Do They Actually Offer?


A business’ data is without saying the most important asset it owns, and that is why there are always going to be some worries about whether their data are safe in the hands of a second party. But with the resources and cutting edge technology NetSuite put into data security and their track record, the data of the customer is undoubtedly in good hands.

The complexity of Their System

With what NetSuite the software should be quite tricky to use and this should definitely pose some problem to how efficient the business is running. But as a matter of fact, it is fast and effortless to use because there is a setup wizard that helps to walk users through the process.

For The Big Cooperation

Some other platforms that offer these services are quite expensive to subscribe to and thus are meant for bigger businesses right? NetSuite caters to a wide range of companies, whether they are a startup or a small business, family owned, medium businesses or more significant enterprises, they offer services affordable to them.

Cost of Running Business

Usually to store data business would have to spend a lot of resources and time on IT and installing a lot of systems. NetSuite significantly reduces the cost of running the company by taking care of IT problems.


If you travel a lot or have your employees in different parts of the world doesn’t this pose how they can access information? Because it works over the internet, data can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time (24/7).


The objective of any business is to grow and so, does their system give room for the growth and is it wouldn’t it present some complications? The software is designed to grow with the business and doesn’t require a substantial, frequent change in your security infrastructure. All you need do is add new modules to your existing EPR setup.


Is the NetSuite system built to handle the EPR of every type of business and can it run it efficiently? It caters to different kinds of businesses in various industries, whether it is an IT company, e-commerce site, advertising, and marketing agency, health-related business or a company that provides financial services and so on, the NetSuite system has got you covered.


Do this platform and their software take into cognizance the uniqueness of any business and thus take care of its unique challenges? NetSuite offers SuiteFlex tools that will assist developers and businesses to customize the software to suit their business and help you take care of your peculiar problems.

Are there other possible ways NetSuite could help better the running of a business?

Workflow Automation

This feature of the software assists service industries to have their business processes automated in a way that it makes it more efficient. This also helps with CRM because it helps them see real-time data on customer behavior and therefore should lead to better conversion and sales numbers.

Data Integrity

It stores all the company’s data in a single database so that whatever data is accessed by any member of your team is reliable and consistent.

There is no perfect system in the world, but be that as it may, NetSuite has lasted and consistently grown to remain the biggest provider of ERP services in the world. So you should try it for yourself and see how just how NetSuite can improve your business.